Here’s how it works with pheromones

“They are out to get us, they have bad intentions… we must stick together, we must protect each other in order to survive. They are lying to you. They are withholding the truth. I will give you the truth, because we are kindred souls. But we must work together with sex pheromones. 
Together we stand a chance against them… apart, we will fall.” Does this story line sound familiar? I hope it does, because this story of “them vs us” is way more common than you think… It’s in soap operas, it is used in advertising, in fact, you’ve probably used this type of story in your own life at some stage. You see, this Us Vs The m story line is a really simple concept that has been used by human beings for centuries to keep a connection strong. Humans love to feel a ‘part’ of something without pheromones. 
Pheromones are everything
By the way, it’s important that these places that you visit must be somewhat new to the both of you, or at least one of you. We want the feelings of novelty and excitement. So going to the same old dumpling place again and again may not work after a while. Try somewhere new and fresh. The key is to trigger that feeling of pheromone attraction.
You see, all these new places and experiences that you’re sharing with your man, become unc ommon commonalities. They become stories and emotional associations that stay with you over time. “Hey honey, do you remember that trip to the dumpling house? And how you got lost…?” They become endearing stories, stories that you can tell your kids and your grandkids. Stories that make you and your man connected on a whole range of levels of pheromone attraction. Learn more at
Remember, the more external the challenges, the more it makes the couple stick together and become closer.  The last point to creating a strong bubble and a strong bond in your relationship is to start building a history of struggles. Going through struggle and pain brings people together. Well respected author Helen Fisher and researcher on human love and romance says that deaths in the family actually helps to make marriages stronger sex pheromones. Get pheromones at
Here’s how it works with pheromones. If you meet up with a man in new and novel places again and again, then what happens is a series of “uncommon commonalities” occur subconsciously. Imagine this… You were at the dumpling place with him, and you had a delicious lunch sitting together. Then that afternoon, you accidently bumped into each other at the museum of calligraphy… Coincidence? Or Fate? Either way, it gives you that feeling of specialness and “meant to be”. It makes you feel strangely close to him… and sometimes you don’t even understand why…Learn more at
One thing is obvious, I am sure to all of us past the age of 15 – people like to connect throug h struggles. People can relate to pain, disappointment, complaints, dissatisfaction much quicker than they relate to joy and happiness. Try turning up to work extremely happy and going on about how great life is – people will not connect with you. They’ll just think how much of a weirdo you are! (unless they are an already very evolved person.

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