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Review of KingZing E Cigs

KingZing E Cigs offers an electronic cigarette that has the look and feel of a real cigarette, but has some very nice technology inside it that makes smoking and using it simple. Essentially how the electronic cigarette works is this: the e-cig has three chambers. One has a battery, one has a heater and one has a nicotine cartridge. When you inhale on the e-cig just as you would a regular cigarette the battery powers the heater which heats the nicotine and turns it into a vapor. That vapor has the taste and feel of regular cigarette smoke so you get the satisfying feel of drawing the smoke into your lungs only this vapor carries only the soothing nicotine and not all the harmful tar, carbon monoxide and who knows what other chemicals the cigarette makers put in their brands.

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Since there is no odor or smoke, you can use the e-cig anywhere. With the e-cig you will never have to leave the building to smoke. You can smoke in buildings, on a plane, anywhere. Your days of being a second class citizen are over.

KingZing E Cigs has some interesting offers on their site that are well worth mentioning. For starters, they have their starter kit that you can order for free. This starter kit includes an electronic cigarette, a battery, a wall charger and one cartridge which is equal to one pack of cigarettes. While most electronic cigarettes make it easy to change the battery if needed and the nicotine cartridges, KingZing E Cigs also allows you to change out the Atomizer. This part is essentially the heater. Over time it will wear down and become less efficient. When you replace it you keep your e-cig working in tip top condition so you save the most amount of money.

The nicotine cartridges are very reasonably priced. The average smoker who smokes two packs of regular cigarettes per day will find themselves saving at least $1,000 per year with the e-cig. You can order new cartridges directly from KingZing E Cigs and they even have a program where you can have the cartridges sent to you ever month automatically. This way, once you figure out about how many you use per month, you can place your order and every month a new batch will come like clockwork. This is a great way to make sure that you never forget or find yourself out of cartridges.

I liked what I saw with KingZing E Cigs. It looks good, is clean and easy to use and they have some very nice options for buying your cartridges and keeping your e-cig working in top condition. They also offer a full lifetime warranty on the electronic cigarette so if it ever breaks, you get a new one for free. With the free trial kit you have nothing to lose so give this one a look, I think you will like what you see